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Bill Reaching For The Stars

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50 states, 30 years on the road, 25 countries, 2 hookers, 1 bunny, and a mime.

Bill Bowers takes you places so unbelievable they could only be true.

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All Over The Map is produced by All For One and makes its debut on April 21 and runs through May 7 at The Lion Theater in Theater Row. Theater Row is located at 410 West 42nd St in scenic New York City.

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Bill Bowers has performed on Broadway, at The Kennedy Center, the White House, and in some of the finest grade school cafetoriums across the country. In All Over the Map, he shares indelible memories and characters who will stay with you long after lights up.

All Over the Map Creative Team

Written & Performed by: Bill Bowers
Developed with & Directed by: Martha Banta
Producer: All For One Theater
Stage Manager: Heather Arnson
Lighting Design: Ed McCarthy
Scenic Design: Ryan Howell
Sound Design: Matt Stine
Projection Design: Bryce Cutler
Costume Design: Michael Growler


Tania Fisher at StageBuddy.com writes in her review of the NYC Production of All Over The Map:

"He fills his show with both lighthearted observations and philosophical thoughts, mixing heartfelt and poignant moments with downright obscure and whacky stories that had me mopping up my wet mascara.  His mime skills were beautifully incorporated in an unencumbered delivery, a natural extension of his captivating storytelling abilities."