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Promo Gallery

Promotional images of Bill, including headshots. (Note: Most images are 72dpi and are intended for onscreen viewing. If you require hi-res images, please visit the gallery 'Photos for Print and Press.'

Shows Gallery

A selection of photos from Bill's theatre, stage, film and TV appearances. (Note: Many of these images are copyright protected by either photographers, theatre companies, or other entities, and are not intended for unauthorized reproduction.)

Mime Gallery

Pictures of Bill from photoshoots (including photo essays by Terry Cyr and David Rodgers), mime performances, and one-man mime stage shows. For images from Bill's newest one play 'It Goes Without Saying,' please see the 'Show Gallery.'

Education Gallery

Pictures of Bill's educational experiences in academic residencies and workshops.

Personal Gallery

Informal pictures of Bill, past and present.

Photos for Print and Press

A selection of high-quality photos and graphics (300dpi) suitable for print work.