"Peace, Rapture, Fury, Heartbreak,
Wonder, Frustration, Delight...
To express all of life without saying a word."

As a mime, Bill Bowers strives to elevate his audiences into the highest realms of the human imagination. His eloquent movement evokes the deepest truths of the human condition. Often compared to Chaplin and Keaton, Bill Bowers has truly created a style all his own. As playwright John Pielmeier observes, "This fresh, utterly original and brilliantly skilled performer evokes new depths from his art form. In fact, he enlarges it. The heights he reaches bring us into different and unexpected worlds."

Bill was a student of world-renowned mime Marcel Marceau, and is deeply influenced by this master's technique and artistry. The greatest gift he received from his intensive study with Marceau has been the emergence of his own "voice" as a mime performer--a melding together of a classical style with a contemporary sensibility.

Bill has performed master classes and conducted workshops about the illusive art form throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, including Harvard University, UCLA's Teach for America, Rutgers University, and the Institute for Arts and Humanities Education, as well as performances, workshops and residencies colleges, high schools and elementary schools across the country.. Presently he teaches at New York University's Steinhardt School of Education, Paper Mill Playhouse, and VSA Very Special arts (a program which provides arts for the disabled).

His original mime shows, 'Night Sweetheart, 'Night Buttercup and Under a Montana Moon have been produced Off-Broadway and received critical raves. His 2003-2004 tour across the American West returned Bill to his roots, where he performed Under a Montana Moon (interspersed with residencies and workshops) in large and small communities at theatres, festivals, colleges and schools--including one-room schools, Indian Reservations, and an Amish Colony.

Acclaimed Playwright and Actress, Anna Deavere Smith, says this of Bower's unique skills, "Bill Bowers is a wonderful mixture of skill and diligence, humour and heart--a real artist for humans. He makes you laugh and cry and think, all in one swoop. Maybe he's really an angel."

Solo Performances

The following are four of Bill's solo mime offerings currently available. In addition to his solo performances, Bill also offers master classes, workshops, and residencies, either in conjunction with a performance or as a stand-alone booking.


Bill's newest solo show, It Goes Without Saying, chronicles his journey as an actor and mime through a unique hybrid of storytelling, monologues, and mime performance. Written by Bill and developed with Director Martha Banta, It Goes Without Saying, began as a workshop production at the Adirondack Theatre Festival (NY) in 2003, later ran as a limited engagement at the Berkshire Theatre Festival (MA) in 2004, and opened to rave reviews Off Broadway in 2006 at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. It continues to enjoy standing ovations and sold-out performances across the nation.

"Bill Bowers achieves what all performers most strive for: he becomes a conduit into the human soul."
-Talkin' Broadway

"Zestful and endearing...full of life..."
-The New York Times

"Brilliant writing, a profound theme, riveting stories, and Bowers' warm, winsome personality"


Bill Bowers' critically acclaimed Under a Montana Moon is a collection of silent stories which all take place under the Western sky. Performed without words and within a tapestry of sound, Bill takes the audience on a journey that is hilarious, heartbreaking, and always profoundly moving. Under a Montana Moon uses the Art of Silence to investigate the Idea of Silence: to remain silent, to be silenced, to silence someone else. Performances may be followed by an audience dialogue.

Under a Montana Moon has received standing ovations through out the United States and in Europe. Following it's Off Broadway run, Under a Montana Moon has been performed at the Kennedy Center, the Accademia Del Arte in Arezzo Italy, and Norway's International NonStop Festival.

"To watch Bill Bowers' collection of silent stories, Under a Montana Moon, was to see the technical elements of a style that brings Marcel Marceau readily to mind, joined to the American West--Mime can be wonderful--the air between him and us was his palette."
-Margo Jefferson, The New York Times

"One would expect a mime show to rely solely on visuals, given the nature of the craft. But Under a Montana Moon has deeper, richer elements in its stories, which contain important coming-of-age lessons and relevant social commentaries. It is also touching to acknowledge that, although Bowers has studied under the famous mime Marcel Marceau, taught at several colleges, and graced both the silver screen and Broadway stage, he has chosen to focus his one-man show not on these impressive accomplishments but on the Montana moon he grew up admiring. This production is a combination of his heart, mind, and body, and though he never speaks a word, you hear his message loud and clear.
-Adrienne Cea, OffOffline.com

MIME OVER MATTER (adaptable for adult or for younger audiences)

A lively collection of pantomimes that explore a variety of subject matter, using traditional as well as contemporary movements style and music. This show has delighted audiences of all ages, and can be tailored to your group's specific interests, needs and intellectual level. A great introduction into the art form, it combines performance with an educational learning experience.

"Enthusiasm was high for a week after Bill's show. The students loved it and learned in the process."
-Head Teacher, Markley School, Milford, PA


This is ideal for schools and community groups. An informance is an entertaining blend of performance, demonstration, and audience participation--designed especially for your group. Informances are fast-paced, thought-provoking, and peppered with "little-known facts" about the silent, (and not-so-silent) art of mime.

"Bowers is a natural mime, a fine mimic, and a devastating ad-libber. He also has a good rapport with kids who seem to innately trust and admire him."
-The Home News, New Jersey

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