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"Peace, Rapture, Fury, Heartbreak,Wonder, Frustration, Delight... To express all of life without saying a word."

As a mime, Bill Bowers strives to elevate his audiences into the highest realms of the human imagination. His eloquent movement evokes the deepest truths of the human condition. Often compared to Chaplin and Keaton, Bill Bowers has truly created a style all his own. As playwright John Pielmeier observes, "This fresh, utterly original and brilliantly skilled performer evokes new depths from his art form. In fact, he enlarges it. The heights he reaches bring us into different and unexpected worlds."

Bill was a student of world-renowned mime Marcel Marceau, and is deeply influenced by this master's technique and artistry. The greatest gift he received from his intensive study with Marceau has been the emergence of his own "voice" as a mime performer--a melding together of a classical style with a contemporary sensibility.

Bill has performed master classes and conducted workshops about the illusive art form throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, including Harvard University, UCLA's Teach for America, Rutgers University, and the Institute for Arts and Humanities Education, as well as performances, workshops and residencies colleges, high schools and elementary schools across the country.. Presently he teaches at New York University's Steinhardt School of Education, Paper Mill Playhouse, and VSA Very Special arts (a program which provides arts for the disabled).

Bill’s work as a mime has taken him all around the globe, offering masterclasses and residencies to students of all ages.  He regularly visits communities large and small to perform in theatres, festivals, colleges and schools- taking him to venues as varied as one-room schools, Indian Reservations, and an Amish colony.

Acclaimed Playwright and Actress, Anna Deavere Smith, says this of Bower's unique skills, "Bill Bowers is a wonderful mixture of skill and diligence, humour and heart--a real artist for humans. He makes you laugh and cry and think, all in one swoop. Maybe he's really an angel."


“I thought it was so creative and exciting. You’re laughing so hard, crying so hard. It's really what you go to the theater for.” 


—  Cynthia Nixon, Actress

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