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The Heyokah Project

HEYOKAH/HOKAHEY takes its inspiration from the Native Contrary Clown, the Heyokah. Our springboard is the concept of the Twin Soul...that every human has a higher self of the opposite gender. Men on Earth have a female higher self, women on Earth have a male higher self. the two selves communicate, influence each other, stay in balance. However, our choices and actions on Earth can cause imbalance with the higher self.

Through a series of vignettes, the play looks at the relationship of the Twin Soul, and how we all have more to us than meets the eye. For example, Everyone has both "Boy" and "Girl" within themselves, everyone has an "Other," everyone has an inner Heyokah, who reminds us of the Balance of all things (male/female, shadow/light, sacred/irreverence...)

The play includes 3 traditional Native American Creation Stories, as well as 3 "Sweet Medicine" Stories, all of which are re-told in contemporary ways.

HEYOKAH HOKAHEY is a physical theater piece, employing Mask and Mime, Vertical Dance, Beatbox, and contemporary dance. The role of the Heyokah, being a backwards/upside down/inside out trickster/story teller, is a predominant device.

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